The strong shoulder pattern design and unique wide pattern black provide extreme grip force and handling performance,which ensured the excellent safety handing performance and passibility for the vehicle on any severe road condition.

The design of anti-collision wall in the sidewall prevents the puncture, road collision and pressure damage.

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Product Description

Size 73Q
LT265/75R16 E 123/120S
LT285/75R16 E 126/123S
LT265/70R17 E 121/118S
P265/70R17 115T
LT285/70R17 E 121/118S
P285/70R17 117T
33*12.50R17LT E 120Q
35*12.50R17LT E 125Q
33*12.50R18LT E 118Q
35*12.50R18LT E 123Q
37*13.50R18LT D 124Q
P275/60R20 115T
33*12.50R20LT E 114Q
35*12.50R20LT E 121Q
37*13.50R20LT E 127Q
33*12.50R22LT E 114Q
35*12.50R22LT E 117Q
33*12.50R24LT E 104Q
33*14.50R24LT E 110Q

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